Recording Service Overview

Recording Service Overview

Mortiles LLC provides recording services throughout the state of Maryland and DC. This service is provided by Mortiles' own employees who physically visit the counties everyday. Each document demands the same level of urgency. Many times documents require special hand holding to ensure there are no delays or failures to record either due to county restrictions or procedures. Upon receipt, Mortiles first scans each recording into our system and then thoroughly reviews each document. Thia review prior to presenting to the county reduces the likelihood of rejections. Consequently, this saves post closing departments time and the hassle of working on the same file repeatedly. The Mortiles recording department reviews documents for the following errors:

  • Missing Pages or Affidavits
  • Incomplete Certificates of Preparation
  • Accurate Exemption Codes
  • Required Lien Certificates
  • Completed Intake Sheets
  • HUD / Settlement Statements
  • Tax Bills
  • Missing or illegible Notary Stamps, Witnesses, Signatures and printed names
  • Missing or incomplete Transfer / Recordation Taxes
  • Ensure that checks made to payable to the correct Payee / Department

RMS - Recording Management System

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Mortiles' online Recording Management System better known as RMS, allows clients to easily access and track their filings with real time status & updates. Mortiles is pleased to offer this added service to clients at no additional cost. Contact Mortiles' Recording Department today to find out how we can assist with streamlining operations for your Post Closing Department.

Mortiles' RMS provides clients with:

  • 24/7 online access
  • Search both pending and recorded files by one or more of the fields: Mortgagee/Mortgagor/Grantee/Grantor, Order #, Property Address, City, County, State, APN/PPN
  • Obtain real time updates
  • Know when documents transfer from one County department to another
  • Recieve status of documents at any given point of time
  • Monitor the amount of days document(s) take to get on record
  • Download images of receipts, invoices, recording packages, etc.
  • Upload images of HUD's, Intake Sheets, etc.
  • Enter comments which will automatically notify Mortiles' Recording Dept.